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About Drawing Walks Berlin
Drawing is seeing


Drawing the city is a way to really see it, and it is a way to remember a moment. We could easily drag our phone and shoot yet another photo of a street, square, dish, dog, monument, smile. It would end up in the digital gallery of our phones, and in a year we wouldn’t be able to tell where that monument was, or how we felt on that day. But when you look at a drawing you made of your surroundings a few years ago, you might remember the pillar you were sitting on, the weather, your state of mind, and maybe a certain sense of that neighboorhood’s spirit. You will remember the place of the drawing, not per se because you recognize the bricks of a building in it, but because you were present in that moment. You sharpened your sight and took your time to see. Drawing forces us to look closer.

A Drawing Walk is not a classical drawing workshop. We won’t try to depict Brandenburger Tor in a realistic drawing. We will sketch Berlin. The two and a half hours of a Drawing Walk are filled with drawing exercises, often quick and playful, and your personal touch on the drawing is what we are looking for. We don’t aim to make drawings that look like Berlin. We draw to look at Berlin. Whether your sketchbook is one of your essential belongings, or you haven't been drawing since your childhood, I warmly welcome you. I will share my tips and tricks, and guide you through the exercises and the neighbourhood.

Note: The Drawing Walks are guided in English
About your guide
Ditte Østergaard

Ditte’s tour is perfect whether you love to draw or are just trying something new! I’m very glad I booked this experience. She’s really fun to chat with and following her around the city gave me a much greater appreciation for the neighborhood and Berlin in general! And taught me a new drawing technique I’ll definitely employ in the future. It was so fun to spend time with new people, I really feel like I made new friends today and got a cool experience, for a really great value! I 110% recommend this if you want a new way to see Berlin and to meet a very lovely person.
Katherine, 2022

We loved this drawing experience with Ditte! She limbered up our drawing muscles and got us to see and draw things in a way we never had before, plus we were lead around a neighbourhood we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Ditte clearly loves Berlin and drawing, which makes her an excellent guide, and she is very friendly so lovely to spend time with. It was an excellent way to spend an afternoon in Berlin! Totally recommend

Amber, 2023

It was a very unique and great experience which I had the pleasure to take part in for the first time. Ditte is very talented and her artistic take on the city through drawing is very interesting! I liked learning about the approach of drawing which takes the pressure of trying to draw perfectly. The exercises were creative and drawing while walking was an interesting approach! Thanks for the workshop, Ditte. I would recommend this to friends!
Siyu, 2022

This has been one of our favorite adventures in Berlin. Ditte is super friendly and helpful. The tour is active and engaging and we really saw the neighborhood. We highly recommend this

Kristi, 2023

Completely enjoyed the experience! Ditte has structured the walk so well that it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot! This was the first time I enjoyed drawing so much :) The locations were also very well-chosen and well-thought. Would highly recommend!
Shrija, 2022

I really enjoyed Ditte's Drawing Walk. Whether you are new to drawing or an experienced artist, Ditte gives you the freedom to draw without judgement, and to just let go and enjoy the process. Ditte is friendly, fun, and has a relaxed energy that put me right at ease. It was fun to see Berlin in a different way and I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone!
Anna, 2023

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